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Send Free international Sms any where in the world.


160 Character to world

http://apps.adobolabs.com/kuripotxt is a website.
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140 Character sms to India

Send free 140 character sms to India with out registration. Go to

Daily 50 sms to india

To India now send 50 free sms daily of full 160 characters without
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Another website replysms.com. I found it very great feather. you can see there a lot of sms lists. Like Urdu funny sms, friend ship sms, love sms, and etc. you can also send from there sms to your friends


20 free sms

bulksmsservices is a website which give you 20 free sms on sign up.

25 Fake sms to World

Another site which is give 25 free sms to send any where in the world from your own sender id.

3 fake sms (atomicpark)

 Some people thought that that it is not possible that some one can send sms from any number. Example if you are in Pakistan and your number is +923011234567 and some one want to send sms to you from your number +923011234567. when he send sms to you. you will see your own number as a sender. It is so easy just go to

Free calls from Pakistan

If you want Local calls from pakistan on your pc or wifi mobile any where in the world then first of all go to connect2pk.com   and click on Register Now. On the next page you will see the Registration form.
Enter your detail ie your first name, last name, email and password. In the mapped number field the number of your friend from which he will call your pakistani Number which connect2pk will give you. Enter your friend mobile or land line number. Then enter the capcha code. Click Register Now button.

Call with Talkster

Today i am going to tell you some thing about Talkster.
You can make unlimited calls with talkster if you and your friends are in talkster contries.
First of all go to talkster.com. On the home page you will see the form that Get your free talkster number now.

Unlimited Sms Mjoy

Another website give you unlimited sms from your mobile application.
Go to mjoy.com and sign up. you will receive the link of application now click the link and download.
and start sending sms.

Talki 25 Free sms To World

 This is for GPRS enable mobile users. Talki give 25 free sms on sign up.
Go to talki.me and click on download then Enter your name and select your country and then put your mobile number. then type the captcha code.


Intelli 5 sms. Your won sender Name

Today i am telling you about intellisoftware.co.uk. If you want to send sms for free to some one from your own SENDER NAME then go to intellisoftware.co.uk and Click on my account then click



Now i am telling you some thing about ring to skype. If your friend or family live in UAE, QATAR, Saudia Arabia or any where in the world and he are using skype on there PC or on there Mobile. And you are in Pakistan or England Etc. and you want to call there skype from your mobile phone or landline.
Then first of all go to www.ringtoskype.com then in registration form give the detail for your friend.


SMS Karona 1000 characters sms to PK

Another website smskarona.com give you to send unlimited sms to Pakistan for free. you can send 5 sms per day if you are not register and the length of character will 115. If you register your account then you can send daily unlimited sms of 1000 character.

Unlimited Free Calls to USA

callingamerica.comIf you want Unlimited free calls to USA from your pc. then click here and click on sign up button and register your account.

International Numbering Plans

Today i am going to tell you about International Numbering plan. if you want to know all about IMEI, IMSI, PSTN, SIM, ISPC numbers and all about the PHONE NUMBERS then Click here and find any thing about IMEI, IMSI, PSTN, SIM, ISPC.


Econfirm Send 10 Free sms

I found another website. They give you 10 Free sms to any where in the world.
First go to Econfirm
and sign up with your email id.
and Enter promotion code: ZERO

Free sms to PK (sms4smile)

Another website which allow your to send free sms to pakistan with out registration.
Only click here and send sms form sms4smile.com

Get Free Uk Number

If you want to have your own Uk number for free and want to forward ad to any where in the world for free then click here and register your free account. then sign in and add your or your friend number and get a UK number for free.

Free $ 1 for call (Vyke)

Another website Vyke give you 1 USD for free call try on sign up.
Save up to 95% on your mobile bill!
Vyke Mobile helps you get the best value for money from your phone by making your international calls and text messages as much as 95% cheaper than your regular mobile operator!

Send fake free sms (phreakyphonez)

 Today i am telling you that how you can send free fake sms to your friend from your own name.
for example you have your friends and you want to send them free sms from your own number as a sender or from your name. when you send them sms to your friend mobile. He will se the sender name witch you type.
now start sending free sms from your own sender name or number. click here to start.
This service is totally free.

FREE SMS TO PK (smsfront)

Send free sms to any network in Pakistan upto 300 Characters for free.
No Registration Required. 
Only goto SMSFRONT.COM and start your free text sending.

Daily 3 sms (smsteroid)

Send 3 sms text per day from smsteroid.
Sign Up
Verify Your Number
Send 50 FREE SMS Every Month
Any Network in Any Country!

Free sms woldwide (Cloudapp)

Today i am going to tell you about cloud free sms.
This site offering free sms to any where in the wold with out registration.
only go to there site and click enter you mobile number where you wish to send free sms. and write yous message and then enter the capcha code and click on green send button.
CLick here for start sending free sms.

Free Calls With Jaxtr

Use jaxtr to talk to the world

It is free to signup and get started to:
Save money - Save up to 98% on your phone bill
Talk free - Free calls in over 50 countries
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5 Minute Free call World Wide

Today i am going to tell you some thing about Rebtel. Rebtel gives you 5 minute Free call to any where in the world.

How Rebtel Works

Call with your regular phone to the world

  1. Sign up for a free account with your phone number

  2. Enter an international number to your friend and get a unique local number back
  3. Save to your phone, keep forever and call whenever