Send fake free sms (phreakyphonez)

 Today i am telling you that how you can send free fake sms to your friend from your own name.
for example you have your friends and you want to send them free sms from your own number as a sender or from your name. when you send them sms to your friend mobile. He will se the sender name witch you type.
now start sending free sms from your own sender name or number. click here to start.
This service is totally free.


  1. i use this site quite alot bro! it rocks dude! i also been using http://phreakyphonez.net/sms_wrapper to send sms msgs to o2 in ireland :D

  2. I have noticed alot of this and it seems to be 1 person "google bombing" the mentioned site. I use Phreaky Phonez on a daily basis to send free sms and I have never had a problem. Its a shame people like this are allowed on the internet.

  3. can you give the exact link?

  4. Phreakyphonez.net has been stopped now.