Now i am telling you some thing about ring to skype. If your friend or family live in UAE, QATAR, Saudia Arabia or any where in the world and he are using skype on there PC or on there Mobile. And you are in Pakistan or England Etc. and you want to call there skype from your mobile phone or landline.
Then first of all go to www.ringtoskype.com then in registration form give the detail for your friend.

1. in SKYPE USER ID box give your friend skype user id
2. in Email box give your own email address.
3. in Password box give your password.
4. in Country where you want your number box select your country where you are. ( i am from pakistan and i will select Pakistan) because they will give me the local number for my friend in pakistan.
5. in Region where you want your number box select your nearest city for your local number.
6. Chick the box for Accept Term and conditions.
7. Give the captcha code in the box.
8. Click on Get your number

Thats all. you will see the number for your friend. Now call your friend number and when prompt for extension then give the extension number which you can see in your account control panel.

Note: Donot dial the number if your friend are not online on skype. Because you will pay for this call even he online or not online. But the charges are not expensive these are only 1 Rupee in pakistan. There for first tell your friend that come online and after at you dial the number for your friend.


  1. Hey, the url is ring2skype.com it's a free service!

  2. It no longer works