Another website replysms.com. I found it very great feather. you can see there a lot of sms lists. Like Urdu funny sms, friend ship sms, love sms, and etc. you can also send from there sms to your friends
in Pakistan. But Registration is required. you need to have a Pakistani mobile number because they will send you a verification code to your given mobile number and then you can verify your number. You can also send a funny, love, marriage, friend ship, sad etc sms to your friend direct from there website. this is a very great and use full. Coz you do not need to write your long long sms and donot need to waist your time. you can choose your best sms and then click on the send to your friend link. and then give your number to which friend you want to send. and click on send. your message will be send to your friend.

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