Call with Talkster

Today i am going to tell you some thing about Talkster.
You can make unlimited calls with talkster if you and your friends are in talkster contries.
First of all go to talkster.com. On the home page you will see the form that Get your free talkster number now.
Here you See the My Name field here you give your Name. and then in the My Number field select your country and then enter your number. on other side see My friend's Name field enter your Friends Name. and in the My friends Number field give your friends number now click on the go button.
Talkster will send you and to your friend your Local numbers by sms and you will see the numbers on next page.Call the Talkster number for your friend. When your friend answers, tell them to hang up and call their local Talkster number for you that they got in the SMS or that they see on their phones caller display. You stay on the line - don't hang up. When your friend dials back using their Talkster number, youll be connected and can talk for FREE as much as you want.

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