Intelli 5 sms. Your won sender Name

Today i am telling you about intellisoftware.co.uk. If you want to send sms for free to some one from your own SENDER NAME then go to intellisoftware.co.uk and Click on my account then click
on Click here to sign-up for new account give your detail in the form. then click on continue button. now they will send the virification code to your mobile. give the virification code in the box. and verify your account. now you will see your free 5 credit. now click on send sms. Then in the box of (To NUMBER) enter your friend number.
In sender id box. enter your name or your mobile number or any thing you want to display on your friends mobile when he received the text message.
in the message box type your message.
CLick on NExt
and click again on Next. done your message has been sent. Enjoy.

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