Free calls from Pakistan

If you want Local calls from pakistan on your pc or wifi mobile any where in the world then first of all go to connect2pk.com   and click on Register Now. On the next page you will see the Registration form.
Enter your detail ie your first name, last name, email and password. In the mapped number field the number of your friend from which he will call your pakistani Number which connect2pk will give you. Enter your friend mobile or land line number. Then enter the capcha code. Click Register Now button.

Now they will give you some pakistani number to you for your friend. Send these number to your friend and when you online on your Pc then tell him that dial the number which you have send them. when he dial the local number you will get ring on your Pc. now talk as much as you want. But how you will set up on you Pc. Click here for PC setting. If you are using a wifi mobile phone and you can use internet on your phone then click here for Mobile settings.


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